Receiving unit statue entrepreneurial breeding leeches in the fisheries sector and aquaculture in the National Conference + Pictures

In the first national conference on fisheries and aquaculture research and industrial applications, specialized companies provide us with the article (standardization of medical leeches, economy and exports, challenges and opportunities this new industry and a new combination of industry leeches) to the fish was known as the keynote speaker and received certificates of appreciation from the National conference.
As well as entrepreneurs in the fisheries sector and aquaculture statue of this national conference was devoted to our company


Get the Tablet thanks and that we can in this specialized conference which took place with the outstanding masters of arbitration as a key national conference speaker in the fisheries and aquaculture sector, we start a new company in the scientific part of the leech and look to this emerging industry.


The first National Conference on applied research and industrial achievements of the livestock, poultry and aquaculture, 22 may at the Gorgan University of agricultural and natural resources.
The breeding of livestock and poultry, and nutrition, genetics and physiology of livestock and poultry breeding, poultry and livestock, health, and management unit of the grinders of cattle diseases axis of this Conference.
Also, the use of nanoparticles and biotechnology in aquaculture, animal science and livestock marketing in the industry, poultry and aquaculture, the presence in global markets (standards, IQF, packing, etc.) Modern methods of organizing, and development of the industry (clusters, supply chains, logistics and supply chain management). And procedures, improving the supply of feed for livestock, poultry and aquaculture are suitable for feeding and breeding, aquaculture, livestock industry challenges and problems, poultry and aquaculture, livestock industry and promote the economy, poultry and aquaculture, new industry technologies localization of livestock, poultry and aquaculture in centerpieces of this Conference were announced



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