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Breeding leeches, medical Mghfvlmandh capacity and entrepreneurship (24 Persian date Farvardin 94)

While advanced universities in Germany, France and America have introduced new methods of treatment Hirudo medicinalis one of the native species of Iran are demanding, because neglecting this valuable capacity, the Iranian particular species of the northern border trafficking and for less than 500 USD daily fishing and exits.

for raising this pet, there is no plan to raise it.

less than 500 USD, Russian and Azerbaijani businessmen to sell.

Halimi continued to feed this beast three times a year and just over a year, two or three times to feed sheep blood Astrylshdh placed at their disposal.

Halimi noted: less than 10 complex medical leeches are legally growing and what is produced domestically is used in traditional medicine.

The Ministry of Health confirmed the medical education Leech
This private sector expert asserted: a month ago new year reach the escape, in a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of health activists, announced that so far, none of the manufacturers medical health Leech have not been able to get permission from the Ministry, but the grounds for obtaining a health certificate and license there.
He said the infrastructure necessary to provide medical education Leech not yet and should be feeding this beast and the environment in such a way that the common man is not the microbes, in the quarantined environment definition.
Halimi also said how much we need to produce medical Leech education, not of interest none of the Government and the program-makers, while that most German companies of medical Leech of medical use, and calls for the preparation of the Leech species that are native to Iran, with certain enzymes secreted, more special treatment that is distinctive in the privileged world.
He went on, adding: the possibility of export of medical Leech in sterile conditions and characteristics of the world marked there and this capacity is still of interest to public authorities and not to the eye yet.
Home job with higher income
This enabled the private sector noted: medical Leech education with much lower costs and less than two million dollar could begin to work and with little investment, a maximum of up to five million baht to improve profitability.
Halimi continued in the present time jobs such as medical Leech education employment new opportunity could be considered that in many suburban cities, villages, and even the possibility of education there, but it definitely bought it and debuted in the target market need to plan from the Ministry of agriculture.
The fate of the Vermicompost in waiting is not a leech
Pointing to how to raise funds due to the recall and ensures its return to investors with regard to the fate of the investment in Vermicompost reiterated: the private sector is active in medical education Leech no call for participation not only in the capital’s exclusive call to start work and setting up medical Leech education has to offer.
Halimi was reminiscent of Vermicompost in situations with different medical Leech was there, because anyone could have been due to the arrival of the information in the Exotic, but in section of economic possibility of leech such a spoof of little capital there because people from the very beginning the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries organization direct supervision over the performance of it.
He stressed: to export a leech and even internal use of the necessary health certificates should be adopted so as to medical use.
Halimi stated: 93 for the first time, the representative of the Ministry of health and medical education, faculty and academic instruction by the Fisheries Agency to foster medical Leech editor that has everything you need in it.
He also said any Iranian as “Talisman Leech” orLeech Eastern evrin has characteristics of an individual that is mnhasrbeh in terms of the quality of the type “medicinal more appropriate conditions of hirudo and can be in the form of investment, with mobile and hence profits significantly added value.
Treatment of peptic ulcer and gallbladder with leech
This enabled the private sector added: new research has proven that after surgery, because of the effect of Anticoagulant hirudin and the risks of attacks after it is generally used in diseases of the coronary heart disease, leeches can play a role; so that in 20 patients with varicose veins of lower extremity of India, Leech therapy and candidate therapeutic response in an article by Rykavv choline” American writing, astounding results are shown.
Halimi said: since the zaluha ability to create stability in the vital areas, the possibility of restoration of tissue such as the missed cut fingers or need to repair tissue in the treatment of gastric ulcer, colitis, inflammation of the prostate, bronchitis, liver, gall bladder, Bastryt, skin diseases, infertility and varicose veins, muscle spasms, leaving the drug addiction and the Iranians and in traditional medicine by Sheikh Ra’is Ibn Sina also have been detailed to it and today at the University of The United States, France and Germany advanced as new methods of treatment used./

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