1. How much capital can be paid to breeding leeches?
Webmaster: for a fee of between 5 and 10 million USD would be justified to raise Leech paid but not good Aqtsdy

2. In what areas can be a leech farm built?
Webmaster: B according to the instructions fisheries, allowing the drivers Prrsh leech farms across the country is permitted but cool conditions in the northern provinces and regions are more comfortable

3. If we start with low capital and Khngy be counted as a job where should you begin?
Webmaster: Due to low capital and you better not bear the high costs for consulting and implementation of training courses at accredited centers use

4. How is the export of leeches?
2. in the absence of a guideline for the export of medical leeches

5. What is the minimum space requirements for breeding leeches?
Webmaster: approximately 20 to 50 more can be said of the space can be made for the use of leeches Rover

6. Did the greenhouse environment can be used for Prrsh leeches?
Admin: Yes it is possible but must use the type of coverage that less light reaches the leech