Pain medication – anti-colic – and windbreak

Version compound Version No. 1 drug carminative (anti-flatulence) Cumin seeds        in a field Camomile            in a field Mint leaves         in a field Anise seeds        in a field How to prepare and destined for use: A tablespoon of the mixture is above the previously crushed and softened Jvshrykhth a glass of water and leave in 20 minutes. Then straighten it every time a cup of morning and evening before their [...]


1. Obesity is a chronic disease and treat it like any other chronic disease requires time. 2. Do not use the drug in the treatment of obesity, because the drug has side effects, however, are not feed. 3. Do not rush Never treat obesity، Remember that a diet that gradual weight loss is not only more tolerable, no side effects, is almost irreversible. 4. Obesity is associated with many diseases, either directly or indirectly, such as:Hypertension (high blood pressure), Atherosclerosis (hardening of [...]

Laxatives – Constipation – stool – working late belly – Hardens bowel movements Purgative

Single copies drug Version Number 1 Drug spill roots and rhubarb (Rheum officinale) Dosage :  1 To 4 grams  Directions : Slate has been above that has already knocked in a cup of boiling water, leave for an hour poured up to pull the tail then has a smooth it morning and night every time a cup of whipped an hour after meals. Note: the drug in pregnant women and in people who have stones in the bladder or urinary tract should not be [...]