Instructions propagation and breeding of leeches for medical license

According to the request of many friends propagation and breeding of leeches for medical license guidelines put in place ********************************************* All matters relating to licensing and Easy Fact fisheries sector to the agricultural engineering and natural resources is granted. This is according to the laws (38548 / tail) dated 12.04.1392 Ministry of Agriculture to the Department of Fisheries and veterinary organizations in the country. 1. Requirements for licensing approval in principle (individuals who have land documents) 1. Requirements for licensing approval in principle (individuals [...]

1 The breeding leeches

We experience breeding leeches It found that keeping them in good condition, is the key to successful treatment. Understand the specific and detailed understanding of the conditions any, is necessary for the correct way of storing and treatment of leeches. Shallow pools with abundant food to a depth of approximately 5 / 1-1 yards off the edge of a bed of clay that are eroding natural environment ideal for pantyhose. Since leeches their cocoons containing 30-10 seeds are in the [...]

Reproduction Leech

Medical leeches at the age of 4-2 years to reach sexual maturity, depending on the frequency and quality of the food they consume is fed. Leeches are self-fertile, the reproduction, but they did not mate with other leeches. Mating naturally in the summer months water is done inside or outside, and can take up to 18 hours. By Klytlvm cocoons, an area rich in glands located in the anterior third of the body are leeches are produced. Klytlvm secretes a viscous [...]

Leeches and beauty

Leeches and cosmetic Sufficient number of valid internet sites, medical journals and the press office to understand the importance of using leeches Medical leeches treatment in the cosmetic wash. Gradually in the field of cosmetic name with leeches, will be established. Because of the miracle these bloodthirsty creatures in removing pimples (acne), pigmentation and wrinkles proven and transparent treatment of the skin is one of the best. Leech addition to skin diseases such as eczema, fungal, and ….. alopecia cure. [...]